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October 11 2017

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Melancholy by Alexander Shark

October 10 2017

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October 09 2017

I hate when you heat food up

but then you don’t stir it properly so one bite is nice and warm and the next bite is either ice cold or scalds you.

October 08 2017

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October 07 2017

October 06 2017

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October 05 2017

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Ruins of the Antonine Baths, Carthage, Tunisia. Image by Google Maps, edit by me.

October 04 2017

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Probably the best ever response to the “How/Why did you become a writer?” question.

October 03 2017

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Michele Maglio (Mic Photo) - A Dark Light
Full Credit List — http://www.darkbeautymag.com/2017/10/michele-maglio-mic-photo-a-dark-light/

How universal are microwaves and stoves and such?

Like, if I went to Korea, would I need to be able to read the Korean alphabet to heat my food? Are the designs super different with different options? In countries with multiple major languages do they have different versions?

I guess I just never thought about it. 

And has any country in the world invented a ‘do not beep, people are sleeping’ button?

October 02 2017

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I want this

Everyone knows how to ‘kill’ a zombie , but do they know how to accurately guess their 'age’ based on their appearance and state of decay? This SHORT NON-FICTION LARGE PRINT CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK (written for ages 6 and up) by an author with a B.A. in Anthropology, explains the science of decay (including a “Zombie Timeline of Decay,” for reference) in easy to understand language that will help the reader impress their fellow zombie fans with their new-found expertise in zombie anatomy. They’ll never watch a zombie movie or T.V. show the same way again!

the only thing left in me, the only thing real to me
is the soughing in my chest, the sawing on broken bone-ends
like fiddle-bows, like knives
like the sharp grass where the other body lies

I am becoming the sieve that the ghosts pass through
leaning their problems on my teeth
as they pass through
to the other side

i wrote this quite awhile back and never posted it but it’s October so here you go

© Elspeth Morgan/MitreSquareMurder

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I can’t think of anymore betta puns so have all three together.

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Inktober #02: “Divided”

A ghost revisits its skull, then departs.

Previous: “Swift”

September 11 2017

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I tried playing the Airport Game again on Mapcrunch. It put me here.





I mean, I am familiar with Pferdemetzgereien existing but I did not expect to wake up in a Sweiz one! I would take a sausage to go, but I do not eat smol bebe horses. Now…

UPDATE: It wouldn’t let me leave the store. Airport quest failed. I am now in Madagascar. I have a friend hanging onto my car.


He is now taking a selfie.

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Had my tooth extracted about an hour ago. You can probably see why. It hurt like a bitch. They also wouldn’t let me keep it.

If you use these, please credit Elspeth Morgan.

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