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July 17 2017

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they’ve always said, when you feel a random shiver, that a rabbit has run across your future grave

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The ‘Ho don’t do it....oh my god’ squad


Ho don’t do it: Taurus, cancer, capricorn, libra, aquarius, pisces

Does it: Aries, sagittarius, scorpio, leo, virgo, gemini

Oh my god: Taurus, cancer, capricorn, libra, aquarius, pisces

@thedeadofflandersfields (Aries), Maso (scorpio), @the-shortest-alligator (Leo), Peter (sagittarius), @ice-nix (gemini) : Um….

@rainstormdragon (cancer), @MitreSquareMurder (aquarius) and @aworldinpinkandwhite (Libra):  WHAT did you DO?!?!?!

the SWORD is his DICK


it’s a metaphor

to the people tagging this ‘King Arthur’….

So, what, he’s been having half the kingdom tugging on his dick trying to make it work? Sometimes tumblr scares me.

June 29 2017

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So proud to be Panromantic/Pansexual! I really want this necklace, it’s perfect!

Made by FallnAngelCreations

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June 28 2017

June 27 2017


Marketers use the buzzword “natural” to evoke positive connotations, but in nature it’s commonplace to starve to death or get brutally murdered by predators.


Food never really goes bad, something just started eating it before you did

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by Lydia Hudgens

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June 26 2017

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Ancient Egyptian statue found in Cairo could be as tall as 30 feet and likely depicts Pharaoh Ramses II.


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June 25 2017

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An abandoned operating theatre where the lights still work!

Source: proj3ctm4yh3murbex (reddit)

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June 24 2017

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“ Embroidered Sailor’s Seabag  "  ….  [Circa 1842 - 1862]  Belonged to a Sailor aboard the US Frigate CONGRESS

Photos by US Naval Historical Center 

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