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#bluemilk for #starwarsday ! It turned out darker blue than I planned but that was kind of inevitable. It tastes amazing though! Here’s my recipe:
Two 6oz packs of blueberries
Tillamook Marionberry ice cream
1 20oz bottle Calypso ocean blue lemonade
1 8.4oz can Izze sparkling blackberry
Blue food coloring

As you can see, I don’t have amounts for everything because I’m the kind of cook who just goes with it. Anyway.

Put blueberries in blender. Add several large scoops of ice cream. Blend. Pour in the lemonade and about two spoons of sugar. Blend. Begin adding drops of food coloring and splashes of milk until the desired color and taste are reached. You may find you want to add more ice cream after the lemonade. The last ingredient should be half of the can of Izze. Blend very lightly so you don’t lose all the carbonation. Pour into glasses and add a splash of the remaining Izze for zing.
#maythefourthbewithyou #recipe #blueberry #smoothie #milkshake (at Loveland, Colorado)

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