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May 26 2017

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regretfully, yours
Juan Martin del Campo jr. 2010


btw, if you’re a woman who’s into women but who can’t ever see herself in a fulfilling relationship with anyone but a man or who feels insecure about or even slightly grossed out by the idea of sleeping with a woman i can assure you that those feelings are completely natural and a product of the misogynistic, heteronormative society we live in. they don’t mean that you’re actually a heteroromantic bisexual or an asexual wlw (*) or a fake or something. these sort of feelings are very common but they’re also absolutely something you can work through and something that will not stop you from having good, fulfilling, happy relationships with women.

(*there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an asexual wlw! being asexual is not something that’s caused by internalised homophobia. but a woman who’s attracted to other women being uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping with another woman specifically does not necessarily mean that she is asexual. people can easily mistake their own feelings of shame surrounding sex that we are told is “unnatural” or “weird” with asexuality and it takes time and patience and compassion for yourself to work out these things.)

I really needed this. I’ve recently come out as pan and bigender to my mother and she insists that I would never be truly happy with a woman and that if I ever married a woman, I would eventually miss men and leave her. And no matter how much I try to deny that, there’s this little voice inside that says, “What if she’s right?” 

I’ve had sexual relations with women but I’ve never been in a long term relationship with one and usually alcohol was involved. (Not that I’m only attracted to women when I’m drunk, it’s just that when I’m drunk I forget that I’m insecure about people knowing I’m pan and don’t worry about it.) It’s good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with being ‘sure’ that I’d be totally happy in a relationship with a female.

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April 26 2017

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April 16 2017

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This jeweled rock crystal egg was made by Faberge in 1909 for Czar Nicholas II of Russia as an Easter present for the Tzarina. It is decorated with gold, lapis lazuli, pearls, diamonds and enamel.

Inside the egg is a removable model of the Standart Yacht, made of gold and platinum, which rests on a bed of carved crystal.

The Standart Yacht served as the Russian Imperial Family’s floating palace during their Baltic Sea vacations and was the largest yacht in the world when she was launched in 1896.

April 04 2017

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Happy World Rat Day!

illustration by Ingrid Alice

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April 03 2017

Every time I fall, I bring you along, because I need you there.
Every time I leave for my selfish things, I know I’m wrong.

My time in the dark was tearing me apart and that’s not okay.
A man of blood and bones, alone on his throne, could walk away.
I’m out of my mind and it ain’t no fun.

I love you, yes, I love you, even though I know I should stay away.
Because I hate you, yes, I hate you, even though it looks like I’m going to stay.

And I think that I’m losing my mind.

The Black Crowes

April 02 2017

March 30 2017

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March 29 2017

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Smilodon fatalis, life-size, clay by Staab Studios

March 28 2017

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Drowning by Xochicalco’s Ruin

March 27 2017

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March 26 2017

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March 25 2017

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Edvard Munch, Anxiety, 1886.

Munch is thought to have had Borderline Personality Disorder, a fact which is reflected in many of his works, including this one. Some BPD sufferers (including myself) have a hard time identifying as real or human, feeling instead like a blank slate which must attempt to pretend to be a person. This generates a lot of anxiety as the sufferer worries constantly if they are making the right expression or behaving the right way, fearing that if someone gets too close they will see that, in fact, they are only a patchwork version of the people around them and not a real human at all.

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March 24 2017

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March 23 2017

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March 22 2017

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Laurent Gapaillard

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The best T. rex is nonbinary, guys!!!

I support them

casual reminder that this blog is trans friendly: the main mod is a non-binary trans guy that uses they/the m and he/him pronouns equally!

This blog is also trans friendly ^_^ I am nonbinary and utilize she/her and ey/em. Just a fun reminder. And Jack and Ryuu are both fantastic allies. 

Since this awesomeness is going around and I don’t think I’ve ever outright stated it – this is a good time to clarify that this is a trans-friendly blog. I’m non-binary and use ‘they’ pronouns!

All are welcome here. ♥

My blog is as trans-friendly as it can be, which is to say no form of abuse will come from it (cause that would just be unprofessional); however, just because science currently does not know the gender of a fossilized skeleton, does not mean it did not have one when alive, for science only recognizes male and female sexes, anything else is an anomaly. Simultaneously, you have every right to use they/them pronouns and if it helps you personally, that’s great, but those pronouns still do not make grammatical sense, nor biological/sex sense when used in a sentence, for whoever is reading it is automatically thinking the author is referring to more than one person.

Your blog isn’t “trans friendly” then. Don’t act like you support us then tell us our identities “don’t make sense”.

The singular “they” is extremely common and perfectly correct English, and has been for centuries. I guarantee every English speaker has used the singular “they” in their lifetime. Absolutely nothing supports the argument that the singular “they” is incorrect. In fact:


Additionally, science DOES, in fact, recognise sexes that are not male or female. Intersex sexes have been recognised for decades. It is absolutely not a new concept that physical sex goes beyond clear cut male and female, and it is also a scientifically recognised phenomena.

Science also recognises that sex and gender are not, in fact, the same thing, nor necessarily linked. For someone who is supposedly “trans friendly”, this is basic fucking knowledge.

You’ve also completely missed that the point of this action on Twitter (and this post here, on Tumblr) was to support trans and NB people, rather than a serious scientific statement on the gender identity of a bunch of fucking rocks. Of course SUE, as a dead fossilised jumble of bones and plaster, does not actually have a gender. That’s not the point here. The point is the normalisation of pronoun declarations for the safety of trans and NB individuals.

What you have just done, here? This is a classic example of nonbinary (and intersex) erasure, dismissal, and hatred. What’s worse, is you tried to frame it as a support message, “except where it doesn’t make sense”. Accepting trans and nonbinary people means listening to us, not trying to tell us we’re “wrong” or “don’t exist” or “don’t make sense”. You used flowery language and a superior tone to try and dismiss us, all while saying “I support you, but be aware I think this is stupid/wrong/nonsensical”.

If you support us, support us, period. If you don’t, then don’t try to pretend you do. And for gods sake get your facts straight before attempting to look like you’re “just stating the facts”.

Sorry, you can’t call yourself trans friendly, @expeditionersdiscoveryguild, when you completely talk over our experiences and our realities. That’s not being a good ally, that’s acting like you know better than us. 

My blog is definitely trans-friendly, though as a non-trans-person I’ll probably end up making mistakes but they certainly won’t be intentional ones. I am gender-fluid, though, but that isn’t the point.

I think the whole point of SUE having a twitter at all is to reach as many people as possible, to share how cool museums and dinosaurs and science are. We DON’T know SUE’s gender, so assigning one or the other isn’t really relevant or sensible. SUE is a ‘they’ and as a ‘they’, is able to be relateable to everyone, to girls and boys and transpeople and nonbinary people and everyone else.

This is what science SHOULD be doing, saying, “We have this fossil and we don’t know if it was male or female, so let’s call it a ‘they’.” That’s way better than picking a sex based on…what? Personal preference? How ‘pretty’ the bones look? Non-evidence-based ideas about how strength and size indicated sex in this particular species? “They/Them” is not just more inclusive, it’s more scientific.

March 21 2017

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The so-called ‘Murder Castle’ of serial killer H. H. Holmes.

Downstairs it housed perfectly respectable shopfronts while upstairs contained a bizarre mixture of living areas and killing rooms. Normal sleeping chambers were interspersed with maze-like corridors, doors that opened to walls, hidden doors, secret panels and other strangeness.

Unsuspecting women (as well as some men and children) who lodged here would sooner or later find themselves in a sealed, soundproofed room. Some were hooked to gas jets for suffocation, some were fireproofed and had blow-torch-like apparatus on the walls, many had chutes into the basement where Holmes kept his operating table and dissecting tools, which he reportedly used on both the living and the dead. The functions of some of the rooms were never discovered.

The basement contained more mysterious chambers, jars of poison, torture instruments (including a stretching rack) as well as pits of quicklime and vats of acid for dissolving corpses once he was finished with his experiments. From a footprint found in a pile of quicklime in a separate small room, it is possible Holmes experimented with using quicklime on living persons.

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