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April 09 2018

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[Source] [Convict Collars]

Because saving kitties is important.

This is a freakn’ wonderful idea and needs to be spread around to let people know.

I think I have to buy my precious bread cat an orange collar now. She was a feral kitty for enough years, she needs to stay found now.

March 26 2018

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March 25 2018

I’ll take you
Like a stormy ocean
It’s not enough
Dark Thing
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March 24 2018

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March 23 2018

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Forever indebted to @mostlysignssomeportents for this one. 

Someone needs to beat me over the head with this until I stop researching every obscure historical detail of everything.

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My local dollar store had rows and rows of these.

Steve…. That’s not how you connect with Bucky wherE tHE FUCK aRE yOUR ARmS

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Mini Lau

March 22 2018

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Waking by NataliaDrepina

Evil fairy: and any man you fall in love with shall also be cursed!

*lesbian laughter*

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March 21 2018

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March 20 2018

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Anish Kapoor, indian born british artist, Flesh.

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Redrum by Scott Haefner

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, New Jersey

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