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May 08 2018

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My Popsicle had three sticks and a terrifying message.

May 07 2018

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The Gross Clinic by Thomas Eakins (detail), 1875

May 06 2018

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Corn maze shenanigans. (at Afton Apple Orchard)

May 05 2018

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I don’t see a problem here. (photo via cruztec)

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#bluemilk for #starwarsday ! It turned out darker blue than I planned but that was kind of inevitable. It tastes amazing though! Here’s my recipe:
Two 6oz packs of blueberries
Tillamook Marionberry ice cream
1 20oz bottle Calypso ocean blue lemonade
1 8.4oz can Izze sparkling blackberry
Blue food coloring

As you can see, I don’t have amounts for everything because I’m the kind of cook who just goes with it. Anyway.

Put blueberries in blender. Add several large scoops of ice cream. Blend. Pour in the lemonade and about two spoons of sugar. Blend. Begin adding drops of food coloring and splashes of milk until the desired color and taste are reached. You may find you want to add more ice cream after the lemonade. The last ingredient should be half of the can of Izze. Blend very lightly so you don’t lose all the carbonation. Pour into glasses and add a splash of the remaining Izze for zing.
#maythefourthbewithyou #recipe #blueberry #smoothie #milkshake (at Loveland, Colorado)

May 04 2018

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“Getting hurt in a nightmare can cause dream-scars. Their nightly glow may keep you up, but they toughen up your imagination for grand ideas.”

May 03 2018

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be like Isabel

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A moose after surviving, and fully recovering from a bear attack. 

Facebook | Instagram | Scary Story Website

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eyes like ice by akphotographystudio

May 02 2018


A wooden leg and eye patch in reality would make you a terrible pirate

not so with the eye patch. eyepatches were actually worn, not because you were missing an eye, but because it preserved your night vision. When you went below decks, where it was very dark (lanterns being scarce because of the extreme risk of fire) you could flip the eyepatch up and immediately see what you were doing, instead of spending several minutes stumbling around in the dark running into things while your vision adjusted.

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“Enter your desired baby”

I followed a product link and hit the translate button. Apparently the baby I viewed does not exist. Isn’t language fun?

April 29 2018

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#Wishingwell in #luraycaverns #cavern #cave #green #glow #luray #underground #makeawish #limestonecave #virginia #exploring #travel #coloradophotographer (at Luray Caverns)

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Took this yesterday for #selfiesaturday but didn’t manage to post until today. #Selfie #transman #transmenofinstagram #pre_t #pret #transdude #pride #transgender #facialhair #stache #coloradotransman #coloradophotographer #ftm (at Loveland, Colorado)

April 22 2018

April 10 2018

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Pour A Little Salt, We Were Never Here by me (MitreSquareMurder)

real blood, I had a tooth pulled today

medically accurate muscle chart:

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