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July 24 2018

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Gunshot wound to the skull - internal beveling on the inner table at the site of a contact entrance wound

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Eyes On You

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June 29 2018

Transman giving away clothes and jewelry to transwomen

I’m a transguy in Colorado, United States and I’m getting rid of all my women’s clothes, most of my jewelry and, eventually, my heels. I’m not asking any money for it, just that it go to a mtf transwoman who needs it and that the shipping to wherever it goes is paid for. I wish I could pay for it myself, but I’m very poor.

I’ll be taking dozens of pictures and making posts here and on facebook but I would like some suggestions as to groups/tumblrs that I could submit it to or who would reblog it, because I don’t have very many followers and I would like these clothes to reach as many people as possible.

I have made an instagram for this venture: FTMclothesforMTF. There’s nothing on it yet but that will change soon. Once it’s up, you’ll be able to look at individual items and see sizes, etc and comment/ask questions.

Please reblog and tag people who might be interested or transfriendly blogs. Please don’t message me yet asking about sizes, colors etc or expressing interest, I don’t have any pictures or anything yet, I’m just asking about where I should post. I have posts up in TransTrades and Trans and Non-Binary Clothing Swap on FB. If you are interested, please follow the instagram and be patient.

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ice crystals from the frozen cache la poudre river by Ean Morgan (@MitreSquareMurder )

June 27 2018

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#bees 🐝 are hard to photograph. #bee #pinkaesthetic #flowers #pink #insect #macro #motionblur #savethebees #bumblebee #pinkandwhite #bugs #flower #pinkflowers #wings #blur #bugstagram #fuzzy #colorado (at Loveland, Colorado)

June 21 2018

June 20 2018

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Strike Gently Co.

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Spiderweb effect by Ksenia Penkina

June 19 2018

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June 18 2018

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this looks like a giant bloody tooth and i want it

whitefriars art glass vase

June 17 2018

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Vintage Germany Ruscha ceramic decorative plate

June 16 2018

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frozen to death and eaten

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Dark mind, dark thoughts, dark eyes.. dark everything by Babu Chmelaova

June 12 2018

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June 11 2018


TIL happy cows produce more milk, and simply the act of calling them by their real name ups the production by an extra 3.5%

via reddit.com

Having worked on a dairy, I can tell you that not only do cows know their own names, they know other cows names as well. If you call a particular cow, other cows will look at her like, ‘that you.’  They also have a very specific rank hierarchy, with more highly ranked cows getting to go first into the milking room.

Sometimes they argue about which of them is more senior and start slamming each other with their bodies. If you know their names, you can break up this cow bitch fight by picking a cow, calling her by name and shoving her forward. They accept that you’ve helped establish the social rank…for today, anyways. 

I’m not at all surprised that cows give more milk when you learn their social order and become part of it.

May 28 2018

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#memorialday is here. Please #remember our #fallenheroes and #woundedwarriors . Please don’t set off #fireworks as our #veterans don’t need help remembering. Thank you, heroes. #remembranceday #weremember #lestweforget #americanflag #usa #marines #army #navy #coastguard #airforce #soldiers #america (at Loveland, Colorado)

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#memorialday #monument #wearethedead #wwi #worldwarone #inflandersfields #memorial #fallenheroes #johnmccrae #poem #poetry #stone #carved #ifyebreakfaithwithuswhodie #lestweforget #1918 #blackandwhite

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