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May 20 2012


About MitreSquareMurder

I am MitreSquareMurder.

I am nineteen, female and I live in the United States. I'm a darkly disturbing person. I have Wendigo Psychosis, which is a medical condition of unknown origin that causes me to have an insatiable craving for human flesh and blood.

I have a large number of ghosts who live in my head and frequently interact with the outside world. You can find the things they post here: AHospitalForSouls

I have problems with self-injury. I am working on it.Self Harm Soup

I am obsessed with deviantART. If you want to know what I look like, I am MitreSquareMurder If you want to see more creepy, gory and weird stuff, see my favourites
I also post to the group Deviants

If you want to see posts about weird Victorian stuff, follow me on Twitter
I contribute to VictorianFashion and I admin VictorianAge

I have a tumblr, but I never use it.

I'm straight, but I have a huge appreciation for the perfect sexiness that is a woman's body. Ladies is a good group for this.

I also really like sex. But who doesn't?

Rainstormdragon is a really good friend of mine. You should look at her soup and her group Dream Worlds

To see the random music I listen to, see my Youtube

I think that's about it. I'm posting a link to this in my description so that people can find it again if anyone ever gets curious about me. (Not likely. Har.)

@selfharm @deviants @victorianfashion @victorianage @rainstormdragon @dreamworlds @ladies @ahospitalforsouls

February 28 2012


NO, You DON'T Want To Be A Vampire

That's right, I said you DON'T. As in, you REALLY don't. Like, really, REALLY don't.

I am craving and therefore I am cranky and I am going to go on a vampire rant. I apologise for this, but this rant has been building a very long time and I am extremely frustrated. Please do not take personal offense. *takes a deep breath*

Dear fangirls: You do not want to be a vampire, nor are you a vampire just because blood is sometimes kind of tasty or you stay up late or are pale or have pointy teeth. It doesn't matter if you do or do not like Twilight or who you 'ship. You're not a vampire and you would not enjoy being one.

Being a vampire is absolute HELL. It's AWFUL. And if you want to think I'm trolling, I really don't care much. Don't mistake me: I'm not claiming any mystic 'vampy' powers. I can't fly or turn into a bat. I'm beautiful and I'm pale, but I don't sparkle or burn in the sun. I don't have fangs. So maybe I don't fit the pretty little definition of 'vampire' you all would like to be. But let me tell you what it's like being a blood-drinker.

Imagine the most potent and beautiful liquid in the world. Nothing in existence tastes like it does, not even close. Just the smell of it causes you to start drooling. It's like... You can't imagine anything more achingly beautiful, nothing could possibly be this precious and incredible. And you want it. You crave it more than you crave sex, more than you've ever craved food or drink or company. To not have it is pain. The thought of it consumes you until you're drooling on yourself, it's a need stronger than anything else. Now place this liquid under every centimeter of skin in Every. Single. Person. You. Meet. You can see trails of it in their eyes and in the sunlight, it glows red through their eyelids. It flushes the skin when they lick their dry lips, it pulses in their wrists and loops over their fingers as they send a text message. It's EVERYWHERE. And you can smell it, when they reach past you to pick something up, when they come inside puffing from the cold, when they double over for breath after running in gym, when they stretch and their blood pressure increases to get the blood to the arms they've innocently extended up over their heads. This elixer is under the skin of every single man, woman and child you will ever meet. And you can't have it.

You can gaze after it until your jaw aches, you can whimper silently to yourself, you can bite your knuckles until they bruise. Sometimes you tremble so hard you think someone will notice. You might even end up desperately cutting yourself for a taste. But no matter what you do, it's still there. It never goes away. You can quiet it, at moments, if you distract yourself right. But it always comes back. And you will find yourself sitting at a dinner table across from your mother who you love, watching her cut her food, STARING at the veins in the backs of her hands, trying to stop yourself from ripping her skin apart with your teeth.

Because it's violent. It makes you need it so bad you'd do just about anything. No neat puncture marks, no razor sharp teeth, not for real vampires. If we want it, we have to either get it with a blade or shred with simple human teeth, which is a messy thing, I tell you.

It's not pretty. It's not fun. There's nothing glamorous or sexy about having to stop kissing your boyfriend and cover your mouth with your hand because you can't trust yourself not to bite him and bite him hard. And you know you'd never forgive yourself if you hurt someone you loved and you know that once you start, you won't stop. There's no going back. Once your mouth finds a blood-source, you will drink and drink and drink and rip with your teeth until you've had enough or are dragged away, thrashing and snarling. There's no gothic-beauty to it; I've been there. I've been the disheveled, snarling, cursing, pleading, begging girl clawing desperately at a cut and being forcefully restrained. My boyfriend's stitch scars from that incident are still healing.

So, no. You don't want to be a vampire. I don't want to be a vampire. But I don't have a choice. be glad you're free and blessed to never have to worry about if someone's child is safe around you. be grateful and thankful for that. and if you're still reading, know how grateful and thankful I am that you actually listened to me rant, because I have no one to talk to about this and no source of blood and I really do feel like I'm going to die.

I'm going to go crawl into a corner or something and try to sleep. Rant over. Goodnight, soup-miscreants. And I'm sorry.
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November 22 2011

4987 d3ed


F. ucked up
I. nsecure
N. eurotic
E. motional

See? I'm fine... :)

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